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ITV has announced plans to mark Black History Month.

New programmes include:

Alison Hammond: Back To School


Alison Hammond goes on the ultimate school history trip with a twist. In her own unique and inimitable style, for this peak-time commission, Alison will be travelling the length and breadth of Britain to key historical sites - from Hadrian’s Wall to Hampton Court - looking at the history we’re all taught in schools, but from a different angle. Revelatory and personal, the journey will uncover black figures throughout the ages who have been overlooked from the pages of British history and school textbooks. Alison will be given an insight into the significance of black people in Britain’s history by experts who open her eyes to a new perspective on our country’s past and will explore our current teaching of history in schools.

Sorry I Didn’t Know


A classic comedy panel show… but altogether new. 

Sorry, I Didn’t Know tests and teases players' and audiences knowledge of untold stories and unsung heroes… History… With a touch of colour.

Barely held together by our host, Jimmy Akingbola, star of hit ITV sitcom Kate and Koji, and populated by raucous teams, Sorry, I Didn’t Know is a riotous showcase of some of the hottest comedians from diverse backgrounds that we rarely see on such shows, as they embrace the gaping lack of knowledge we all have when it comes to Black history.

Sorry, I Didn’t Know is bold, tongue-in-cheek and unapologetic, with something for everyone – no matter what their colour or demographic.

Black Comedy Legends


In celebration of this year's Black History Month, we take a look back on some of the greatest and sometimes forgotten Black comedy legends of our time. Through a combination of nostalgic archive footage and star interviews, we’ll find out about the greatest black comics, from the first breakout black comic, Yorkshireman Charlie Williams, to today’s rising stars, such as Michaela Coel and genre-defining shows from Desmonds to The Real McCoy.  This celebration of pioneering stars will draw our focus from their work to the present day to offer an insight into the legacy of decades of comedy talent that has touched the new generation of black comedians who are now shaping the future.

Charlene and Friends

1x15 and 1x30

In a format created by ITV News presenter, Charlene White, this brand new studio show aimed at young people will transmit simultaneously on CITV and ITV.  With films, honest discussion, animation and music from the best young talent, this special programme sets out to engage young viewers in a vibrant focus on racism.

Short animated stories of children’s real-life experiences of racism, interesting facts and top experts all feature to address questions from children across the UK and break down the science behind our diverse human race.


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