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W has commissioned a brand-new series which sees Alex Jones train as a fertility assistant at one of the leading fertility clinics in the UK, known for their world-renowned research and innovative technology.

Alex first opened up about her own struggle with fertility in 2016 so this is a topic close to her heart. Filmed across several months and with exclusive access to King's Fertility, Alex will fully immerse herself in the life affirming job of creating new life.

An additional eleventh episode of Alex Jones: Making Babies has been commissioned for UKTV Play. This will see Alex reunite with patients that she has worked with during her time as a fertility assistant at King’s Fertility and gives her the chance to meet their babies.

Alex Jones said: "Trying to conceive can truly be a rollercoaster, and I have no doubt that it'll be a very emotional and unpredictable journey. This series is really close to my heart, it's truly a passion project, and I feel privileged to be able to join the team at King's Fertility and help them with the very special job of making babies. "

As part of the role, Alex will be providing hands on support to couples as they go through the exciting and dramatic journey of trying to have a baby.

Whether it's counting embryos and testing their fertility levels or teaching them to inject hormones and conducting ultrasounds, Alex will be guided by the clinic's highly skilled team, all whilst working towards a fertility assistant certificate.

UKTV's Kirsty Hanson said: "This is a series I've wanted to make for years. I've witnessed so many close friends go through the rollercoaster and sometimes heartbreak of something that should be so simple and primal, yet it is often anything but...

"I feel confident the W audience will be gripped, as we follow couples through the most emotional and life changing event of their lives, where the stakes could not be higher. And who better to be guiding us through every step and learning along the way, than Alex Jones."'

The series begins January 2023 on W.


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