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Foodie favourite Ainsley Harriott returns to his kitchen to explore the Food We Love.

Each episode delves into a new theme, such as ‘Granny Knows Best’ where Ainsley recreates some classic dishes made by grannies, including his own. Elsewhere, he checks out all kinds of pies before indulging his naughty side and knocking up some sweets and treats. Looking towards summer, Ainsley cooks up some dishes just perfect for Al Fresco dining and takes a culinary trip to the seaside taking inspirations from days by the beach.

Every episode Ainsley is joined by a famous chef friend; Brian Turner, Candice Brown, Joseph Denison Carey, Briony Williams and Julie Jones. He also welcomes more celebrity guests to chat and cook in his kitchen; John Barrowman, Alexandra Burke, Alan Davies, Dev Griffin and Jessica Plummer.

Ainsley proves that Granny knows best, drawing from his memories he starts by recreating a comforting “Gold Top Irish Stew” made by his friend’s Granny.

He’s joined by pal Brian Turner who makes him classic Sage and Chicken Cobbler from a family recipe.

EastEnder and I’m A Celebrity star, Jessica Plummer drops by whilst Ainsley knocks up the Lancastrian favourite, buttery Eccles Cakes.

Olly Smith has taken inspiration from his Granny’s drinks cabinet for this week’s tipples. And Ainsley rounds off the show with his Jamaican Gingerbread with Lemon Sparkle Icing using his Granny’s recipe.

Ainsley's Food We Love returns Saturday 10th April at 11:40am on ITV.


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