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Phillip Schofield returns with a brand-new series of 5 GOLD RINGS. 

The series starts with a Coronation Street V’s Emmerdale special as Corrie’s Simon Gregson takes on Emmerdale’s Matthew Wolfenden as the pair play alongside members of the public to help them win a cash prize.

Joining Simon is Brenda from Yorkshire. She has watched Coronation Street from the beginning and would love to buy a new kitchen if she wins any money. Matthew is joined by Frank from London, who would love to take his girlfriend of 10 years on a once in a lifetime holiday to Japan. Frank has a very unusual hobby, wherever he travels he likes to buy a ukulele to add to his collection so he is hoping to win enough money to do both!

Each week, two teams go head-to-head in an attempt to win over £50,000.  Using one of their 5 Gold Rings they must find the answer to a beautifully animated visual question displayed on the show’s famous giant interactive floor.  Each ring is worth a different amount of money and as the money goes up the rings get smaller; making the answers much harder to find.

The stakes are high because each team gets just one chance to answer each question.  If they answer correctly then they will bank the cash. But if they are incorrect, the opposing team will get the chance to answer the question and steal the cash for themselves.

Viewers can again play along at home with the 5 Gold Rings App - which has been downloaded over one million times! Once again viewers get the added bonus of the chance to actually appear on the show by tweeting images of themselves and their families playing along at home using the 5 Gold Rings hashtag.  A selection of these images will be shown live on air during each episode.     

5 Gold Rings begins Sunday 1st November at 6pm on ITV.


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