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TV Zone launches The Week In TV Newsletter

We're launching a new weekly newsletter, The Week In TV. (Click the image below to be taken directly to our newsletter site)

The all-new newsletter will include a look at the week's TV news, bullet pointing and summarising the biggest TV news stories, look at the week's TV ahead, reviews of last week's TV, a summary of the latest ratings, what it being talked about online and much more.

The comprehensive newsletter will be published every Sunday, and there's a good chance that there will be bonus content posted during the week, including a first look at any exclusive news or interviews we may have.

Subscription is £3.50 per month, or you can subscribe for a whole a year for £35.

One newsletter has already been posted, which hopefully gives a look at what to expect from the weekly newsletter. No content from this website will be moved to the newsletter. Every paid subscription will be hugely appreciated and will help us reduce the amount of ads on the website - you could think of your subscription to the newsletter as helping the maintenance of the website too.

You can subscribe to the newsletter on Substack. Click here for more information.

Subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Thank You.


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