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Restoration maestro Will Kirk and auctioneering expert Christina Trevanion are joining forces once again for the second series of hit BBC daytime series The Travelling Auctioneers.

Across the series, the talented pair take their auction house and workshop on the road across the UK, unearthing hidden gems and turning unwanted items into winning lots that could sell across the globe.

Sifting through one family home at a time, Will and Christina first need to identify the items that will sell best at a bespoke auction. Christina will call on her auctioneer contacts and expertise, whilst Will uses his incredible craft and restoration skills to bring new life to neglected treasures - ready for a thrilling on-site auction.

Will Kirk previously said: “I’m thrilled to be part of such an exciting new project. Hopefully between Christina and I, we can open up the worlds of restoration and auctions to a wider audience and show people some simple tips to get their prized possessions in pristine condition.”

Christina Trevanion previously added: “It’s really exciting to be a part of such an innovative new series and working alongside Will. Whether it’s a cellar, a barn, a loft, or the back of a cupboard, I’m really looking forward to uncovering the hidden treasures so many of us have in our homes, and giving them a new lease of life – while making the world of auctions and restoration accessible to as many people as possible.”

Watch series one now on BBC iPlayer.


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