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The Circle clones go head-to-head, Andy opens up to TWO catfish, and Players must rate one another.

Tensions reach breaking point between the two Tallys. Blue Tally (OG Tally) is done with Orange Tally (Yolanda), she’s “taken my pictures, taken my facts, and taken my profile”. “The sole reason I’ve come in here is to try and be authentically myself in my own skin.” Orange Tally (Yolanda) doesn’t “believe she is who she says she is anyway”.

Andy chooses to open up to Syed (Hashu) and Penny (Millie and Jamie) about losing his bowel at 18 in the hope his fellow Players will reciprocate. Syed prepares to share his story…

In the ratings, Blue and Orange Tally are immune, meaning they can rate but not be rated. The players learn the top two players will become influencers, leaving all others at risk…

The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

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