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Last night, Felix (Natalya) and Manrika went on their first date in the Hangout and sparks flew. In tonight’s show, Manrika catches up with the girls and gets some dating advice from Dorothy (Scott). Meanwhile Felix (Natalya) is feeling bad about leading her on after a chat with the boys.

Manrika tells Pippa and Dorothy (Scott) about her and Felix’s plans for their dates on the outside.

After Gemma’s revelation yesterday that she was actually Hunter from Gladiators, Syed follows up on his suspicions about Femi (Joey) who despite telling the other Players he grew up in Nigeria said he “didn’t expect to see a Gladiator this morning”. Him and Dorothy (Scott) hope to catch him out, will he slip up?

The Players are given a game in which they must decide who out of their fellow players they think would put in certain roles, from best friend to biggest competition. Will they be left with second thoughts about where they stand in The Circle?

After the game, Manrika catches up with Pippa to reassure her that she has her back and looks to secure her allyship.

For the first time Femi (Joey) and Pippa are up to be rated, and following the game the Players take careful consideration of who to rate first.

The ratings results are revealed, to the shock of the players, and the two influencers head to the hangout to decide who to block next…

The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All4.


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