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New players Femi (Joey) and Pippa were last night informed that they will choose one of the other players to make an influencer. In tonight’s show, each of the players spend time getting to know the newbies and hope to charm their way to the chosen spot.

Pippa starts a girls’ chat with Dorothy (Scott), Gemma (James) and Manrika to get to know them, with all the girls putting on the charm.

Elsewhere Felix (Natalya) starts a chat with Femi (Joey) to make a bond, and suggests bringing Andy into the chat. Femi (Joey) teaches Felix and Andy some Yoruba.

The players are given a game to create a Shit Sandwich, made up of two positive words and one negative word about one of their fellow players. As newbies, Pippa and Femi (Joey) don’t take part, but are able to see the others’ sandwiches which may help them make their influencer decision.

Felix’s (Natalya’s) sandwich for Gemma (James) uses “caring”, “compassionate” and “manipulative”. And following yesterday’s catfish revelation, Gemma (James) is nervous that Andy could use the game to expose the truth to everybody.

With Tally’s blocking still on her mind, Manrika starts a private chat with Gemma (James). Gemma (James) asks Manrika about the snake painting, as she has suspicions sparked by Syed (Hashu) that the anonymous painter was Manrika. How will Manrika react?

Femi (Joey) and Pippa come to their final decision on which of the other players to make influencer. Pippa delivers the news.

The other players rate once more to decide who will be the second influencer joining the person chosen by Femi (Joey) and Pippa. The ratings results are revealed and the two influencers head to the hangout to decide who will be blocked from The Circle next…

The Circle continues tonight at 10:15pm on Channel 4 and All4.


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