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“The Circle Fam” aka Andy, Manrika, Syed (Hashu) and Felix (Natalya) continue to have suspicions that one or both of the two newbies could be recently blocked players Joey and Pippa.

The foursome continue their plan to pretend that they have fallen out, with Andy and Syed (Hashu) informing Alice (Shabaz) about the family feud.

But with The Circle Fam playing mischief, Tom (Joey and Pippa) trying to evade detection and Alice (Shabaz) trying to break through the alliances, somebody’s tactics backfire leading to a fiery showdown…

The Circle sets the players a challenge to write a speech that will charm their fellow players into rewarding them a place into the final.

With plenty of suspicions flying around and the final just touching distance away, the players each have tough choices to make as the ratings come around again.

The players learn that the highest rated player will become the secret super influencer, who has the power to block one other player without being identified. The Circle reveals to the top rated player that they are the secret super influencer, and that they must choose the player they wish to secretly block, while the other players learn that the super influencer is on their way to one of their apartments to block them face to face…

The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All4.


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