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Comedian Darren Harriott joins Britain's Top Takeaways (w/t) coming to BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

Announced earlier this year, this brand new eight-part series sees some of the nation’s best-loved independent takeaways battling for supremacy in a fast-food showdown that crowns a different winner each week.

Comedian Darren Harriott will join host Sara Cox in celebration of Britain’s booming home delivery scene which will see five takeaways from the same sector across the UK compete each week.

Each order is biked to households in and around Manchester for the ultimate customer critique, before the scores reveal each episode's Top Takeaway.

Darren says: “If there’s two things I love it’s takeaways and families, except at around 3pm on Christmas Day with all the relatives fighting over the remote control and that's when I'll be dreaming of ordering in a meal for one. Working on such a unique, fun show with the legendary Sara Cox and getting to know all the families was a personal highlight, I can’t wait for everyone at home to meet them.”

Sara Cox says: “When I first heard about this show they had me at takeaway! Especially in recent times, the takeaway has become something of an event in our house. We look forward to burgers, noodles, curry - all delicious and delivered to our front door. I’m thrilled to be celebrating the takeaway and finding the very best in Britain, and if that means eating all the left over chips and putting on half a stone, so be it.”


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