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American reality show in which ambitious New Yorkers flee to the Hamptons for the ultimate luxury experience in Montauk.

In the opening episode - summer is here, which means it's time to escape The Big Apple. The friends have rented a weekend house, and this year they've put together the perfect group - if they don't let the drama of living together get the best of them.

In the second episode, it's 4th of July there are fireworks in and out of the house as Lauren and Carl's relationship heats up, while Kyle juggles two girls. Everett and Lindsay's explosive antics dash any hopes for a drama-free summer.

Then, Kyle confronts 'perfect couple' Everett and Lindsay for disrupting his 'single' summer. New house guest Jaclyn raises eyebrows with her southern sensibility...or lack thereof. Carl gets caught in a lie that threatens his new relationship with Lauren.

Summer House begins Monday 14th November at 10pm on E4.

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