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This Spring, the multi award winning Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway will give viewers an exclusive look into what goes on behind the scenes in making one of television’s biggest Entertainment shows in a specially commissioned fly on the wall documentary.

Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway: Behind the Screens will be an exclusive 1 x 60 show made by Ant & Dec’s Mitre Studios and Lifted Entertainment (part of ITV Studios) for ITV1 and ITVX.

For the first time ever, this TV special will go deep behind the scenes to reveal what goes into making the happiest ninety minutes of the week.

The documentary makers will be embedded within the SNT production for the upcoming 19th series as they capture the inner workings, unique team ethos and daring creative spirit that attempts to make it alright on the night.

Ant & Dec and their team are offering a unique up close and personal view of their work, with unprecedented access to everything that happens months, weeks and seconds before they go live to the nation and, of course, all of the dramas, challenges and triumphs that unfold when on air.

Ant says: “We are really excited to lift the curtain a little on Saturday Night Takeaway. We'll have footage of all the ups and downs, the last-minute dramas that come with making a weekly live entertainment show. Believe me there are lots of dramas that happen behind the scenes."

Dec says: “We love watching fly on the wall shows like Drive To Survive which goes behind the scenes of F1 so thought it could be really fun to allow the cameras to see how we make Saturday Night Takeaway. I’d love to see Behind The Screens on more entertainment shows.”

Lily Wilson, Commissioning Editor, Entertainment at ITV said: "Saturday Night Takeaway is one of the biggest live entertainment shows on television and in this documentary special we’ll offer a glimpse into the inner workings of what goes on behind the scenes to bring viewers the happiest ninety minutes of the week."

Diego Rincón, Creative Director at Lifted Entertainment said: “For the first time in 19 series we are welcoming a documentary crew to pry into every area of the production, to reveal exactly what goes into making this juggernaut of a show…which is both exciting and terrifying!..

"However, as well as seeing what Ant & Dec have for breakfast on show days, this programme will also no doubt reveal just how much passion, dedication, planning, creativity and hard work goes into entertaining the nation every Saturday night”

Jim Allen, Mitre Creative Consultant and Executive Producer says: "Making entertainment on this epic scale never comes easy and we are looking forward to laying bare the uproarious, nerve-shredding, thrilling drama that lies behind every Takeaway instalment. Big event TV, such as Takeaway, provides pitch perfect, compelling narratives and characters for fly on the wall filming.”

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway returns Saturday 25th February on ITV1.


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