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On Tuesday 12th October in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Sky News will launch Big Ideas Live, the first in a series of live in-person events designed to bring together a diversity of views from around the country in a bid to brainstorm solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing the UK today.

The broadcaster’s biggest names will be joined by business leaders, industry commentators and political players in an interactive, conference-style setting to explore ideas surrounding the most prominent issues in our society. Each event is designed to address one area of specialism – ranging from Business and Economics, Arts, Climate, Science and Health, and Technology.

Sky News’ Economics and Data Editor Ed Conway, Business Presenter Ian King, and presenters Trevor Phillips and Samantha Washington will host panels and interviews with guests including the former Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney and the Chief Executive of Siemens UK Carl Ennis.

John Ryley, Head of Sky News said: "Sky News has proven through the past 18 months that we provide a vital public service to make the critical topics of our day accessible and relatable to our viewers. This is an ambitious next step to take Sky News’ specialists live into communities around the country and examine some very big ideas...

"Our Business and Economics Specialists and Data journalists are the among the best in the business, so this first topic was an obvious choice. Big Ideas Live will step away from rolling news and instead create a format to break down the important issues of our time, starting with reigniting UK business and the economy."


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