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From their iconic house and studio in London’s Brick Lane, Gilbert & George have been at the forefront of British art for over half a century. Their unmistakable art is stark, urban, poetic, profoundly romantic, brutally realistic, and wholly visionary. It has captivated mainstream audiences around the globe.

The Pilgrimage of Gilbert & George is a timely, and immersive feature documentary that weaves together a body of multiple new interviews, with a rich tapestry of historic and rare archive, to create an engrossing reflection on their journey: from their very first public work as ‘living sculptures’, they have never failed to attract fascination and controversy, admiration, and shock.

By unpacking their long and literal walk through life – repeatedly likened to a Pilgrimage – substantially with their voices, and few other commentators, the film offers a rare, deep, and captivating insight into their personal philosophy.

Like their art, this is a film made for the many, not the few: It’s an incredibly vivid, honest, and human, first-hand reflection that embraces the Gilbert & George mantra of ‘art for all’.

The Pilgrimage of Gilbert & George is a Supercollider / Zinc TV production directed by Mike Christie.


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