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Scam Interceptors will be back on BBC One and iPlayer for the second part of series two in October.

The programme has also been commissioned for series three for 2024. Rav Wilding and Nick Stapleton will, once again, be based at the Scam Interceptors HQ at the BBC’s Glasgow offices, and, with the help of ethical hacker Jim Browning, the team will be monitoring industrial-scale scammers in real-time from across the globe.

Using the same remote-access technology criminals use to scam their victims, the team hack the hackers and try to get to victims first, before they hand over any money.

For the first time this series, the Hub team will be joined by ‘Ground Interceptors’ – mobile teams dispatched to try to reach victims in person when all else fails.

Head of BBC Daytime and Early Peak, Carla-Maria Lawson says: “Scam Interceptors is a brilliant example of the type of dynamic consumer content that Daytime viewers appreciate, enabling them to better protect themselves against unscrupulous scammers”.

Scam Interceptors is available on BBC iPlayer.

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