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The daytime series, which debuted in Spring this year, has been commissioned for a second run.

Rav Wilding and YouTube sensation Jim Browning, along with a team of ethical hackers, hunt down cyber criminals in the 15x45 series for BBC One Daytime and iPlayer.

This daring programme will see the BBC’s team working with ethical hackers to intercept cyber-criminals in the act, helping to prevent vulnerable people falling victim.

Using the same remote-access technology that criminals use to scam their victims, the team will hack the hackers and monitor their operation. In a race against the criminals, they’ll identify and contact victims in the middle of real-time scams to try to stop the crime before it happens.

Rav will be based at the Scam Interceptors HQ and, with the help of ethical hacker Jim Browning, Rav’s team will be monitoring industrial-scale scammers in real-time from across the globe.

The programme will explore the biggest anti-social issues that have risen in the pandemic and the ‘local heroes’ who are tackling these problems head on, such as bike theft, fly-tipping and ‘romance’ scams.

Presenter Rav Wilding said about the first series: “I’m really proud to be working on this programme and helping expose the cyber hackers, larger criminal organisations and petty thieves that prey on the vulnerable...

"If we can catch these large-scale operations, and expose the techniques they use to target their victims, we can help the general public and crack down on the scams.”

Scam Interceptors is available on BBC iPlayer.


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