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The series is packed full of sophisticated undercover strategies designed to intercept cyber-criminals. Rav Wilding and reporter Nick Stapleton will be based at the Scam Interceptors HQ, working alongside ethical hacker and YouTube sensation Jim Browning.

The team of Interceptors will monitor industrial-scale scammers in real-time in an effort to prevent innocent victims falling foul to fraud and in a clever twist, the new series will not only stop victims handing over their cash, but also track down and expose the anonymous criminals behind the call centres.

The cost-of-living crisis isn’t the only thing putting pressure on people’s finances. So too are the scammers calling from illegal call centres based abroad. They’re fleecing UK citizens out of thousands of pounds every year, making their lives a misery. Which is why the return of Scam Interceptors is so timely.

The ethical hackers are back and audiences will once again get an insight on how quickly the tables can be turned on the scammers. Using the same remote-access technology that criminals use to scam their victims, and in a race against the criminal hackers, the team will quickly identify and contact victims in the middle of real-time scams to try to stop the crime before it happens.

The purpose-built scam hub based in Glasgow’s Pacific Quay, has been set up to catch the scammers in the act, and this time they have even fewer places to hide. Not only is the team able to hear what the scammers are up to, access to their webcams and CCTV, means they can also see them and how they operate.

The new series will uncover the truth behind some of the most prevalent scams – one of which is transatlantic whereby a victim is tricked into believing she owes thousands to American law enforcement. Rav confronts a man suspected of leaking genuine loan-seekers personal details after victims were tricked into paying fees for loans which never existed.

The talented team of Interceptors turn detective to track down the family of a vulnerable victim to see if they can stop their loved-one from handing over money to fraudsters and take on a call centre that’s pretending to be one of the biggest names in shopping to steal cash from unwitting victims.

Presenter Rav Wilding comments: “I’m happy to be back with the team educating the public on how to avoid cyber hackers! The new series will take audiences behind-the-scenes as we confront the call centre criminals and successfully intercept high value scam attempts saving potential victims thousands of pounds.”

Rachel Platt, Commissioning Editor for BBC Daytime and Early-Peak, says: “I’m incredibly proud of Scam Interceptors and delighted that it is set to return for a second series, it’s coming at just the right time to raise awareness of these cyber-criminals. Scams currently account for around 40% of all crime and two in three of us will have been targeted since the start of 2023 alone. With numbers like these, it's never been more important to arm viewers with the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe.”

Scam Interceptors will air weekdays at 10:00am on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from Monday 1 May.


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