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Rylan: Homophobia, Football And Me | Preview (TNT Sports)

Rylan Clark has been announced to front a new documentary Homophobia, Football And Me, for TNT Sports.

West Ham United fan will explore homophobia in the sport with the help of fans and players past and present. Includes contributions from Rio Ferdinand, Thomas Hitzlsperger and Jen Beattie.

Rylan Clark said: "Growing up loving football and being a West Ham fan, I always assumed that I'd be able to go to games whenever I wanted as I got older. But as time moved on and as a gay man, I sometimes felt uncomfortable around spectators at games...

"I'm not one to be easily offended but some of the language and insults that're used on a daily basis by football crowds made going to games almost impossible, especially as I got more and more known and started having them directed at me. This documentary aims to highlight that football is for everyone regardless of what you get up to in your private life...

"I talk to fans, players, past and present, about how the beautiful game could be even prettier for everyone to enjoy, and how as fans we can change to help make players feel comfortable sharing their sexuality if they wish to do so."

The documentary lands Tuesday 13th February on TNT Sport.

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