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Reports: The Capital Breakfast Show host and I'm A Celebrity star is set to front MTV's Catfish UK.

An insider told The Sun: "Roman is the man with the golden touch when it comes to plum jobs on the telly at the moment and MTV are keen to get a slice of that pie. He was approached for a screen test at the end of last month and his team have been negotiating on fees...

"For MTV and the production team behind Catfish here in the UK, Roman would be their ideal presenter for the show. He's quick-witted, funny and has a massive following on social media, which makes him the perfect person for their target audience...

"Catfish is massive over the pond and they think the British version could be just as successful. The first series is being planned over eight episodes, which will be an hour long and will air in 2021. They're casting at the moment for the perfect people to take part, but for MTV, their eyes are on the prize of landing Roman."

Catfish UK will air on MTV in 2021.


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