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Rise & Fall | Episode 2 Preview (Channel 4)

Rise and Fall, Channel 4’s new reality series presented by Greg James, continues all this week at 10pm. Tonight...

In the Penthouse:

The first Ruler is voted to fall from the Penthouse and be eliminated from the competition. The Rulers left behind begin to assess their positions and alliances as they consider how secure their places are.

Meanwhile, two Rulers have their leadership skills put to the test when they must choose four Grafters to take on some overtime to add more money to the prize fund. The Rulers each select a team of two and set targets for them to squeeze oranges to fill bottles with juice. The Rulers must find the balance between an achievable target and pushing the Grafters hard enough to bank money for the prize fund.

In the Basement:

As the Grafters react to the Ruler’s elimination, they receive news that one of them will now be able to rise from the Basement and take on a position of power as a new Ruler. There is to be a secret ballot amongst the Grafters, before two of them visit the Penthouse where the Rulers must choose just one of them to join their ranks.

Care home manager Connor, receptionist Marina and entrepreneur Jeff are keen to become Rulers. As they lobby for votes, Connor says: “Whoever we’re sending up, we need to think influential, someone that’s compassionate. We’re making decisions now, they made their decision last night, now our decision is being made today.”

Marina: “It’s about giving people down here some power and we can only do that by having an alliance between down here and up there.”

Jeff: “I would feel very comfortable in there because I have a job to do. In the nicest possible way, I’m good at manipulation. Would I step on people? They won’t know they’ve been stepped on.”

Meanwhile, two teams of Grafters are selected by the Rulers for an overtime shift squeezing orange juice. Connor and interior designer Joanna in one team, with builder Jack and delivery driver Sydney in the other. Will they meet the target in the designated time to add vital funds to the prize money?

Plus, everyone is shocked when the Rise and Fall lift delivers a new Grafter to the Basement…

Rise and Fall continues Monday to Friday at 10pm on Channel 4 and All 4


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