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Rise & Fall | Episode 5 Preview (Channel 4)

Rise and Fall, Channel 4’s new reality series presented by Greg James, continues tonight at 10pm. In tonight’s fifth episode...

…In the Basement

Two new Grafters enter the game. Paralympian Isaak and personal trainer Moses bring energy to the Basement, but how will they cope with the basic conditions? And will they help boost the Grafters on the next Work Shift challenge and add vital funds to the prize fund?

…In the Penthouse

Following Prince’s elimination [see exit interview attached], tensions continue to grow in the Penthouse. Receptionist Marina and communications officer Rishika try to address their previous disagreement, but soon find themselves butting heads again.

As the next fall vote looms, everyone is stepping up their game play and working out where their allegiances lie. The newest Ruler, employment coach James, is immune from tonight’s vote and potentially holds all the power, but will he stay true to his original game plan and promises to the Grafters…? Meanwhile, nurse Matt says tonight is the “first strategic move I’ve had to make”. Who will be next to fall?

Meet the new Grafters:


Age: 24

From: Wigan

Occupation: Paralympian


Age: 23

From: London

Occupation: Personal trainer

Rise and Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All 4.

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