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Rise & Fall | Episode 18 Preview (Channel 4)

Eddy, Matt, Moses, Ramona, Rossi and Sydney are the final six Rulers following Isaak’s fall back to the Basement. One of them will be crowned the winner of Rise and Fall and take home the prize fund.

It’s the final Work Shift and the Grafters, along with the returning fallen Rulers, will be working as brick layers. They’ll be working for individual Rulers to increase the prize fund by collecting bricks. The Ruler who has the least bricks collected on their behalf will be eliminated from the competition and will not be in the final battle to win.

The Rulers must pick the who they want to work for them with the other Grafters choosing where their allegiances lie to create teams for each Ruler. Which Ruler will fall at the final hurdle?

In the Red Room, the remaining five Rulers must go head-to-head to prove themselves as the best Ruler and most deserving of the final prize fund, totalling £85,610. As they eliminate each other one by one, it comes down to two. Who will win Rise and Fall?

Rise & Fall concludes tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.


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