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Rise & Fall | Episode 4 Preview (Channel 4)

Rise and Fall, Channel 4’s new reality series presented by Greg James, continues all this week at 10pm. In tonight’s fourth episode…

…In the Penthouse

Receptionist Marina has the casting vote on which Ruler will be next to be eliminated. As the newest Ruler in the Penthouse it’s Marina’s first time in the Red Room and she’s the centre of attention as she names who will fall and be out of the competition.

Three Rulers are put to the test when they hear requests from the Grafters for treats and must make decisions on the spot as to whether to grant them or not. Requests range from pizza to playing cards, with each request granted costing £250 from the prize fund. Animosity amongst the Rulers continues to grow as the struggle for power continues.

…In the Basement

The Grafters react to the latest fall vote, with fashion merchandiser Rossi observing about the Penthouse, “they hate each other, every one of them in there… it’s awful.” Interior designer Joanna agrees, calling the Penthouse “poisonous”.

Builder Jack and delivery driver Sydney continue to grow closer as care home manager Connor says they’re “very cute together”.

And when it’s time for the anonymous ballot to choose who will be next to Rise, entrepreneur Jeff and employment coach James both put themselves forward. James has a game plan to succeed in the Penthouse and sees it as an opportunity to prove the doubters in his life wrong.

Jeff is also keen to switch Basement life for Penthouse living, revealing what’s really getting to him down there is the lack of music. A rap music fan, Jeff tells Connor: “What’s killing me down here, is the lack of music. For God’s sake, stick on some Snoop Dogg or Warren G. I won’t listen to Kanye anymore…”

As Jeff and James lobby their fellow Grafters for support, tensions mount and tempers threaten to flare as they compete for support, with Jeff and James butting heads in their race to secure the votes to become a Ruler.

Rise and Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All 4. Catch up with the series so far on All 4.


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