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Rise & Fall | Episode 12 Preview (Channel 4)

The Red Room is in deadlock. With three votes for Jeff and three votes for James, the deciding vote comes down to new Rulers Rossi and Moses. Rossi originally voted for Jeff and Moses voted for James. If the pair can’t now agree, both Jeff and James will be eliminated… Who will be next to fall?

Vote for women

As the next rise vote approaches, Sophie and Ramona both want to rise to the Penthouse. They’ve had enough of the men in charge and their bad decisions.

Ramona: “No one’s focussed on the leadership and the direction of making or increasing that prize fund. Everyone’s just focussed on f****** hurting each other. I don’t know why… It clearly shows every man for themselves in that Red Room.”

Sophie: “The women are just getting culled left, right and centre. The game has become very reflective of society as a whole but, at the end of the day, I can’t sit here and watch them make mistakes anymore. I’m so tired of it, they’re going round in circles.”

Sydney wants another shot at the Penthouse, too, and hopes for the chance to prove she has what it takes to be a Ruler, as well as being reunited with Jack.

Leadership test

Jack and Moses face a test of their leadership skills when they hear Grafter requests for luxury items and treats. The requests range from sea salt and butter to calls home and time in the hot tub with Rossi. Each request they grant will cost £250 from the prize fund. Will they find the right balance of keeping the Grafters happy and not wasting money?

Blood bath in the Red Room

With two Grafters vying to be next to join the Penthouse, the decision comes down to the existing Rulers. In the Red Room, they must decide who will be next to join them. But old indecisive habits die hard for the boys when they can’t agree on who to rise next.

The Grafters watch on in horror when it’s announced that every minute without a decision from the Rulers will see £1,000 deducted from the prize fund. As their hard-earned prize fund starts to reduce, Joas asks the Basement: “You guys really think these idiots are good Rulers?”

They say pride comes before a fall, and the prize fund is falling fast as the Rulers refuse to agree. As the money dwindles, the stakes are raised when they start to lose £5,000 for every minute they still can’t agree. Who, if anyone, will crack first, before the prize fund is completely obliterated?

Sophie sums up the mood of the Grafters: “This is why you don’t let men be in charge… I haven’t ate dog food and shovelled s*** for them to do this now.”

Rise & Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All4.


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