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Random Rewind: Small Fortune, ITV

Random Rewind: we look back at some the best, and occasionally worst, entertainment shows from the past decade.

Small Fortune

2019, ITV

Small Fortune was a primetime ITV gameshow hosted by Dermot O'Leary, which aired 1x60' series in early 2019.

Each episode saw teams of three tasked with completing 'dexterity-intensive' challenges, with each challenge taking place within a miniature scale model of real world locations.

The team of three nominated one player to take on each game, with the aim of adding up to £50,000 to the jackpot. After the first free practise round, each additional attempt deducts 10% from the jackpot.

The team at the end of programme who performed the best in the five challenges must pay one more challenge to claim the jackpot.

The programme did not return for a second series.


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