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Random Rewind: Don't Scare The Hare, BBC One

Random Rewind: we look back at some the best, and occasionally worst, entertainment shows from the past decade.

Don't Scare The Hare

2011, BBC One

Don't Scare The Hare was a BBC One gameshow hosted by Jason Bradbury and narrated by Sue Perkins.

The format recorded a pilot episode in Autumn 2009, before being commissioned for a nine-episode series in 2010.

The began airing on Saturday 23rd April 2011. The series transmitted six episodes before it was pulled from the schedules due to low ratings. The final three episodes were then shown in the Autumn in an earlier slot.

The format saw two teams of contestants compete in three rounds, each bringing with it a puzzle or physical challenge with one rule: do not scare the hare.

The opening episode had an overnight audience of 1.9m (15%), and received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics and viewing audiences.

By episode four, the show had declined to an overnight audience of just 900,000. As a result, it was moved to an earlier timeslot of 4:40pm.

Upon the announcement that the show will be pulled after six of the nine episodes, the BBC's entertainment commissioner said: "It was a huge risk we took – it’s co-hosted by an animatronic hare – and while it’s proved successful with children, we were hoping there would be enough knowingness within the show to draw in the adults. There wasn’t enough of that, which is where it fell down."

Some of the games featured across the series including 'Bangers And Smash', 'Cash And Carrots', 'Vase Attacks' and 'What's Up Shock'.

It was not commissioned for a second series. Full episodes of Don't Scare The Hare are available on YouTube.


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