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Random Rewind: Don't Ask Me Ask Britain, ITV

Random Rewind: we look back at some the best, and occasionally worst, entertainment shows from the past decade.

Don't Ask Me Ask Britain

2017, ITV

Don't Ask Me Ask Britain was on ITV comedy panel show, produced by Chalkboard TV, which aired in the mid-week 8pm slot for six weeks in Spring 2017.

The programme was hosted by Alexander Armstrong, with team captains Frank Skinner and Jonathan Ross. Each week the team captains would be joined by a celebrity guest in the studio.

The format saw the British public able to participate in a series of live votes using a mobile app. The aim for the two teams is to correctly guess what the outcome of each poll would be.

The team with the correct, or nearest too, received points based on the percentage of viewers who chose the winning option.

Other rounds included going live to families' homes across the nation to ask for their opinions, and a round where team captains Frank and Jonathan each had to convince the public to vote for their option/opinion.

The show struggled in the ratings, with the opening episode have an overnight audience of under 1.8m. This later fell to 1.3m later in the series.

It did not return for a second series.


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