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Random Rewind: Cheap Cheap Cheap, Channel 4

Random Rewind: we look back at some the best, and occasionally worst, entertainment shows from the past decade.

Cheap Cheap Cheap

2017, Channel 4

Cheap Cheap Cheap was created and presented by Noel Edmonds. It followed a similar format to the pilot recording, with the title 'Noel Edmonds' Sell Or Swap'.

The programme, which aired 30 episodes, took place in a fictional corner shop. Every episode, Noel would be joined by the shop's 'eccentric staff', played by actors.

Each episode, pairs of contestants were invited to win an amount of money be correctly picking the cheapest of three items on display. If they failed to guess the cheapest product they would be out of the game.

In each episode, each pair of contestants to play were in with the chance of winning £25,000. The series launched with a respectable, but not spectacular 270,000 viewers. The series eventually hit a low of just 80,000.

Channel 4 later confirmed it would not be returning for a second series.


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