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Random Rewind: 1000 Heartbeats, ITV

Random Rewind: we look back at some the best, and occasionally worst, entertainment shows from the past decade.

1000 Heartbeats

2015, ITV

1000 Heartbeats was an ITV daytime gameshow produced by Hungry Bear Media and hosted by Vernon Kay. It ran for two series in 2015 and 2016 respectively and aired a total of 55 episodes.

The pulsating quiz show saw contestants compete against their own unique body clock – their heart! Players start the game with 1000 Heartbeats, but every single beat of their heart makes one of their thousand disappear.

They need to stay calm under pressure to win big, as once their heartbeats hit zero, their game is over. Host Vernon Kay keeps an eye on their ticking heart, whilst steering the contestants through each round.

Each contestant was presented with eight rounds, each containing a different game. The amount of money available also went up with each round, beginning with £250 in Round 1 and ending with £25,000 in Round 7.

Should the contestant make it to Round 7, they went on to play 'Cashout', where the contestant must answer five consecutive true or false statements in order to keep the money in their jackpot.

A Text Santa celebrity special was recorded and broadcast on 18th December 2015. The show did not return for a third series.


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