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PREVIEW: Tom Allen Goes To Town, Channel 4

In this show filmed in 2019 and specially commissioned by Channel 4, Tom champions one of these unsung places: Wakefield in West Yorkshire. In his week in 'Wakey', Tom sees the sights and meets some of Wakefield's extraordinary characters, before putting on an end-of-week show to celebrate everything and everyone he's encountered in the city.

Along the way, Tom takes in one of the world's biggest rhubarb crops, explores Wakefield's beautiful cathedral and visits one of the only drive-in fish and chip shops in the world. He also buys a round of Wakefield's famous steak pies and comes over all Nick Knowles when he renovates the local Caribbean restaurant for the family he's been staying with.

Concluding his week in Wakefield at the beautiful Theatre Royal, Tom is joined by his assistant for the night, Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp, to host a full house of locals. 'Wakey vs The World' pits local attractions against famous global tourist hot spots, and Tom discovers some of the weirdest possessions owned by the people of Wakefield.

The big finale features a specially composed singalong involving a cast of hundreds, including a 100-strong gospel choir. The Theatre Royal show is made for the people by the people of Wakefield... and Tom Allen. Together they show the rest of the country just what makes this West Yorkshire cathedral city special.

Tom Allen Goes To Town airs Wednesday 30th December at 9pm on Channel 4.

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