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A Wright Family Holiday | Preview (BBC One)

Mark Wright, his brother Josh and dad Mark Snr have packed their bags for a roadtrip across Britain for new six-part series ‘A Wright Family Holiday’, coming to BBC One and BBC iPlayer from Thursday 8th June at 8pm.

The series will see the trio take time out of their daily routine to reconnect with one another, as they explore the stunning British countryside, idyllic beaches and breath-taking mountains, on a trip packed full with white-knuckle activities, emotional revelations, and plenty of laugh-out-loud family banter.

Their adrenaline-fueled adventure takes them across the breadth of the country as they mountain bike across the rocky paths of Eryri (also known as Snowdonia), hang glide in the Peak District, skydive in Skegness, quad bike through Northumberland, horse ride in Cornwall and bungee jump off Garry Bridge Pitlochry in Scotland.

As well as taking part in adventures, the series will capture the guys playing pranks on their dad, setting competitive challenges for each other and staying in unusual places, from sleeping in an underground mine in Wales to camping under the stars in the Peak District.

The trip comes during a pivotal time for the family, with each of them having their own personal reasons for embarking on a new adventure. For Mark, it’s time to spend time with his two best mates and focus on the things that matter.

For Josh, who’s about to retire as a professional footballer, it’s the chance to do the things he’s never been able to because of his career. For Mark Snr, it’s the opportunity to rebuild his confidence since losing his brother and nearly losing his own life to Covid-19 in 2021.

The holiday allows for the trio to open up to each other by sharing their different life experiences of mental health, grief, careers, parenting and fame, with Mark revealing a side to him the public has never seen before.

Mark Wright says: “From everything I’ve done since I started my career, this is by far the most special to me. Embarking on a journey full of life changing experiences with my two best mates...

"It’s time we needed together to smile and have fun again after what the last two years threw at us as a family. Like many other families, it’s been tough times emotionally, so I hope I can bring others along with us on this fun packed adrenaline series and encourage them to do the same. Quality time and making memories with your family is priceless.” Ruth Kelly, Director of Programmes at Twenty Twenty Productions says: “Twenty Twenty is delighted to unleash Mark Wright, his dad Mark Snr and little brother Josh onto the nation’s screens in A Wright Family Holiday. For anyone who has ever argued over a sat nav on a family holiday, this series is for you. Full of nostalgia, hilarious family bants, action-packed adventure, and the most beautiful locations Britain has to offer, this is Mark Wright as you’ve never seen him before.”

Produced by Twenty Twenty Television, A Wright Family Holiday was commissioned by Catherine Catton, Head of Commissioning, Factual Entertainment and Events. The Commissioning Editor is Nasfim Haque.

‘A Wright Family Holiday’ airs on BBC One on Thursday 8 June at 8pm, with all episodes available on BBC iPlayer.


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