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Walter Presents: The Hunter | Preview (Channel 4)

To coincide with the launch of the full series on All 4 from Friday 15 April, the first episode transmits on Channel 4.

Starring Francesco Montanari, Edoardo Pesce, Francesco Foti, Alessio Pratico, Giorgio Caputo, Paolo Ricca, Carlo Calderone and Miriam Dalmazio. In Italian with English subtitles.

Walter Presents - which showcases the best foreign language drama series from around the world - continues with the second series of the stylish Italian crime drama, set in the 90s in Sicily and based on real events.

Everything appears to be working out for Saverio Barone, but on the day of his wedding, Bagarella's driver, Tony Calvaruso, decides to talk. He goes with the police to locate Giovanni Brusca's hideout. Giovanni is now the boss of Cosa Nostra and the villa is well-guarded.

They must take great care in organising the raid on the villa: one mistake could cost young kidnapped Giuseppe Di Matteo dearly. Giuseppe has become a pawn pushed around in the sibling rivalry between the Brusca brothers, and the Brusca villa will be the location of an even more dangerous chess game between criminals and law enforcement agencies in which every mistake could be fatal.

The Hunter airs Sunday 17th April on Channel 4.


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