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Walter Presents: Dark Wood | Preview (More4)

Starring Matthias Brandt, Karoline Schuch, Silke Bodenbender, August Wittgenstein, Nicholas Ofczarek, Jenny Schily and Hanno Koffler.

Walter Presents - which showcases the best foreign language drama series from around the world - continues with this moody German crime thriller based on a true crime mystery.

In the summer of 1989, Barbara Neder, the sister of Hamburg state police chief Thomas Bethge, disappears leaving no trace from her home in Lower Saxony. Shortly before this, two terrible double murders are discovered in the woods nearby. The local police seem overwhelmed by the situation which is beyond their experience.

Only the young inspector, Anne Bach, who views Thomas Bethge as a mentor, believes that the crimes must be connected, and Thomas is determined to get involved.

In German with English subtitles. Begins Friday 14th January at 9pm on More.4

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