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The Motorway | Series 4 Preview (Channel 5)

With exclusive access to Britain’s motorway patrol teams, this new series goes out on the road and inside high-tech control rooms, to follow the unseen army of men and women who watch over our fastest roads and come to our rescue, any time of the day or night

Fast lane pile-ups, medical emergencies and the very worst of British drivers on some of the world’s busiest motorways. In the first episode, the motorway patrollers deal with a freak accident and a family in shock when a lorry’s wheel comes off on the motorway and destroys their car.

Heavy rain sees floods, blocked drains and a high-speed aquaplaning disaster on the M42. A pedestrian puts lives in danger sprinting across eight lanes of the M6 at night and then assaults a patroller attempting to stop him.

And a car must be stopped from travelling on the M66 with a king size mattress tied to the roof, which threatens to fly off, causing disaster.

The Motorway returns Wednesday 1st May on Channel 5.


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