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The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot | Preview (Channel 4)

When a skydiver somehow survives the failure of both her parachutes, two dogged detectives uncover a story of affairs, debt, sex clubs, escorts and murderous intent.

Episode 1: The police investigate after both of Victoria Cilliers' parachutes fail in a nightmare skydive. Miraculously, Victoria survived. But it's clear it wasn't an accident. The prime suspect: her husband.

Episode 2: Victoria begins to question elements of her marriage. Meanwhile, her husband Emile is bailed while the police pursue their investigation. But the subsequent trial does not go to plan.

Episode 3: The police delve deeper into Emile Cilliers' past. Can they convince the jury that he was a master manipulator? The trial reaches a dramatic conclusion.

The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot begins w/c 10th June on Channel 4.


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