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Sneakerhead | Preview (Dave)

Sneakerhead is a comedy series starring Hugo Chegwin (People Just Do Nothing) as Russell, the conflict-averse, newly appointed manager of discount sportswear store, Sports Depot (Peterborough Branch).

People-pleasing Russell struggles to come to terms with his new role and the ensemble GenZ staff that outmanoeuvre him at every turn, particularly Jemma (Francesca Mills) who makes it very clear she should be in charge.

Russell struggles to balance his friendships with Mulenga (Big Zuu) and Amber (Lucia Keskin) with his newfound responsibility, but is always offered sage advice by Sports Depot stalwart Edgars (Mark Silcox).

At least he can always count on his girlfriend Clare (Alexa Davies) to keep his spirits up… when she’s not flirting with the guy who runs the tattoo parlour across the road.

Sneakerhead shines a comedic light on the working life of the zero-hour employee and the arrested development of a generation. The underpaid, demotivated but ultimately hilarious life of ‘youth’ cemented by camaraderie on the British high street.

Also stars Verona Rose, Kirsty J Curtis, Llewella Gideon, Josh Pugh, Tim Preston, Spike Fearn, Tessa Coates and Lloyd Griffith.

Sneakerhead begins Wednesday 13th July at 10pm on Dave.


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