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Rom And Tom Take Takeshi's Castle | Preview (Prime Video)

Comedians Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Davis are brining back Takeshi's Castle to UK screens as narrators of new eight-part series on Amazon Prime Video.

The podcasting duo will voiceover the series which, like the original series, sees 100 contestants attempt to storm 'the Castle' whilst fighting off guards, devils and some giant foam mushrooms. The finalists then take on Takeshi with the chance of winning 1 Million Yen - around £5.5k.

Romesh and Tom said: "Nothing is more magical than a reboot of a successful show from yesteryear, heavy though is the pressure in bringing back the wonder that is Takeshi’s Castle. We are honoured to be bringing back the maddest show of all time to a whole new generation; hopefully they can take away the life lessons we learnt from the original."

Prime Video's Dam Grabiner added: "Takeshi’s Castle has a special place in the hearts of UK viewers, and Tom and Romesh’s ingenious new take on the show makes it as incomprehensible as ever, and very, very funny."

Romesh & Tom Take Takeshi's Castle lands 30th August on Prime Video.


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