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Rise & Fall | Episode 15 Preview (Channel 4)

Eddy and Sophie are the newest Rulers to have risen to the Penthouse and they’re given a baptism of fire to a life of power.

Before there’s time to take in their new surroundings, they must decide whether to add £5,000 to the prize fund by eliminating a Grafter. Will they turn on the friends they’ve only just left behind in the Basement?

Today the Grafters are challenged to add more money to the prize fund by working as oil riggers. The must keep a leaking oil tank topped up to the required volume in order to secure precious pounds. It’s wet, slippery and physically taxing. There isn’t long left in the game and everyone wants to increase the prize fund, but will the Rulers push the Grafters too far?

Letters and photos from home bring tears and high emotion to the Grafters. Everyone misses their loved ones and it’s the boost they need heading into the final few days of the competition.

There isn’t a dry house in the Basement when a letter from Isaak’s family reveals the abuse and discrimination he faces in daily life.

In the Red Room, the Rulers must vote for who will be eliminated next. New Rulers Eddy and Sophie are not immune and there are a number of allegiances at play. Will Moses, Sydney and Rossi stay true to their pact to get to the final together or will loyalties be thrown out of the window?

Rise & Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.


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