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Rise And Fall | Episode 11 Preview (Channel 4)

All-male Rulers

For the first time on Rise and Fall, all the Rulers are men. Following Cheryl’s elimination, Rossi was next to win a place in the Penthouse and was given the option to also make Moses a Ruler in exchange for sending someone else down to the Basement. Which Ruler will fall to become a Grafter and make way for Moses?

As the next elimination vote looms, tensions in the Penthouse are reaching boiling point. Jack, James and Rossi are honest with Connor about their plans to vote him out because he’s the weakest Ruler.

Connor: “I am now getting pushed out. They are willing to vote off a good friend. The alliance has crumbled. I’m feeling so deflated and so tired. It is just getting on top of me.”

Later in the Red Room, emotions erupt as the Rulers cast their votes for the next person to fall. Jeff has scores to settle and no one takes kindly to his views, with Jack calling him out as a “snake” and James calling him a “parasite”. Who will be next to fall?

New faces in the Basement

Two new Grafters arrive in the Basement to heat things up. Software engineer Sam and PR researcher Joas are here to bring some energy to the Basement, but before they’ve time to settle in, they must roll their sleeves up for their first Work Shift.

Tonight, the Grafters will be working as pest control and must deal with a range of creepy crawly infestations in order to add money to the prize fund. Will the Rulers push them hard enough to add vital funds to the prize money?



Age: 30

From: London

Occupation: Software engineer


Age: 38

From: Brazil, lives in London

Occupation: PR researcher

Rise & Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All4.


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