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Rig 45: Murder At Sea | Series 2 Preview (More4)

The Walter Presents fan favourite Scandi noir takes us back to the rig for a second time and it’s deadlier than ever. Following the bloodshed from last season, the police finally uncover the truth about what really happened on board and serial killer Petra (Lisa Henni) is arrested.

In light of new evidence, police duo Emma and Trevor agree to take Petra back to the rig to assist with their investigation - but find themselves in grave danger when Petra escapes and their hunt for the truth puts a target on their backs.

Once again, the rig is cut off from the authorities and after a shocking death on board, another deadly game of cat and mouse ensues.

With Petra on the loose, she instantly becomes their prime suspect, but has she struck again or is there another murderer in their midst?

Rig 45: Murder At Sea returns Friday 18th August at 9pm on More4.


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