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Mary Berry: Love To Cook | Preview (BBC Two)

For Mary, there is nothing better than cooking dishes from ingredients she has grown. From herbs balanced on a windowsill to vegetables in a patch of garden, what can beat the joy of making delicious recipes from the fruits of your own labour?

In this episode, Mary shows that we do not need vast amounts of space, only a passion for bringing incredible flavours to life. Mary cooks up a mouthwatering aubergine caponata, a warming vegetable noodle soup, her luxurious chicken and herb casserole and a delicious sunshine cake, all packed with colourful vegetables.

Out of the kitchen, Mary visits green-fingered Taira, who grows an array of fruit and vegetables in her own garden after almost two decades of only growing things on a fourth-floor balcony. Mary then travels to the beautiful Rhondda Valley to meet allotment legend Terry Walton.

Mary Berry Love To Cook begins Thursday 11th November at 8pm on BBC Two.


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