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PREVIEW: Love It Or List It - Brilliant Builds, Channel 4

In this series, Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer look back at their most brilliant builds and deliver countless tips and tricks to help you maximise the spend on your precious bricks and mortar.

As well as catching up with favourite families, Kirstie and Phil reveal some of the famous Love It or List It methodology when it comes to tackling that life-changing build: focusing on the layout issues and dilemmas that many of us now face in a very different world.

This episode is all about putting family front and centre, as we look back at two brilliant builds that involved growing and extending households.

In Cullercoats, on North Tyneside, Mark and Suze Drummond have emotional ties to their four-bed Victorian town house, which have left them in limbo. All the special memories make it very difficult for Suze to leave, but Mark thinks they can take them to a house with a better layout, a bigger garden and a driveway.

Love It Or List It: Brilliant Builds begins Wednesday at 8pm on Channel 4.


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