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Julius Caesar: The Making Of A Dictator | Preview (BBC Two)

Julius Caesar: The Making of a Dictator is a landmark three-part box set history series that tells the dramatic story of how nearly five centuries of ancient Roman democracy was overthrown in just 16 years.

It the story of a brazen, ambitious power-grab that saw Julius Caesar consolidate the vast power of Rome in his own hands.

The series brings together an expert cast of historians, military leaders and experienced political operatives to unfold and analyse this epic story, exploring the how Caesar achieved his remarkable rise to power, the impact it had on Rome’s delicate political system and, asking ultimately why Caesar had to die?

Illustrated with tense drama and packed with contemporary resonances, this epic series has all the elements of the best political thrillers, with complex power dynamics playing out for the biggest of stakes: a psychological drama that seeks to get inside the minds of the protagonists.

Combining landmark history with contemporary political analysis and compelling storytelling, each episode unpacks the final years of the Roman Republic in fascinating forensic detail.

Contributors include academics and experts such as the historian and author Tom Holland, Shelley Haley (Hamilton College, New York), classicist Kathryn Tempest (University of Roehampton), and contributions from individuals who bring unique perspectives on power, ambition and political strategy, such as former Conservative leadership candidate Rory Stewart.

Julius Caesar: The Making of a Dictator begins Monday 20th November on BBC Two.


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