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Jimmy's Taste of Florida | Preview (ITV1)

Join Jimmy Doherty as he embarks on a culinary tour of Florida. From the historic neighbourhoods of Pensacola to the vibrant streets of Miami, Jimmy unveils the states eclectic food culture.

A tapestry of Latin American, Caribbean and Southern influences to name a few! Florida sets the stage for Jimmys culinary exploration. With its sun-kissed beaches, lush landscapes, and a subtropical climate, the state becomes a canvas for flavours as vibrant as its surroundings.

Across 5 captivating episodes, Jimmy immerses himself in the melting pot of Floridian cuisine. Heavenly Cuban pastilles, incredible fried chicken and innovative seafood inspired by the Gulf Coast are some of the dishes served up by the Sunshine State.

Join Jimmy in a series that promises not just delectable dishes but a journey through the heart and soul of Floridas diverse and dynamic food scene.

The series begins Monday 12th February at 2pm on ITV1.


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