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Phoenix Rise | Series 3 Preview (BBC Three)

Created by Perrie Balthazar and Matt Evans, Phoenix Rise follows a group of young outsiders who have been excluded from school as they return to mainstream education, form unlikely friendships and learn to navigate school life.

The coming-of-age drama centres on six students who meet regularly in a disused boiler room at their school, an abandoned space which becomes their sanctuary.

The majority of the cast from series one and two are returning to the show, including ‘the boiler room six’. Joining them are a group of new young characters who become a key part of compelling new stories.

Episode 1: School has barely begun when the gang find themselves in trouble already. Will they get through it or will newcomers, Caleb, Faith and Matteo, tear the group apart?

Episode 2: Everything’s going wrong for Billy – his sister has discovered boys, his best mate has lied to him, and his dad has got a new girlfriend. How’s Billy going to juggle it all?

Episode 3: It’s parents’ evening for the Year 11 students and it’s chaos as usual. Things get heated once the gang head back to Billy’s for an impromptu party, and Darcy and Billy go head to head.

Episode 4: Bad luck seems to follow Caleb around. Can he get through the day when it feels like it’s Caleb versus the world?

Sarah Muller, Senior Head of BBC Children’s Commissioning 7+ says: "Phoenix Rise is strongly rooted in the West Midlands and so we’re delighted to see the team return to their Coventry production base. It’s a drama which is not afraid to tackle some of the difficult issues that teens face today whilst also capturing the friendships and humour of teen life."

Phoenix Rise returns Tuesday 28th May at 7pm on BBC Three and iPlayer.


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