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Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), Shazad Latif (Star Trek: Discovery) and Samira Wiley (The Handmaid’s Tale) are to star in new Sky Original, ‘Atomic’.

The five-part series from Gangs of London producer Pulse Films is written by Gregory Burke (‘71, Entebbe, Rebus, Six Four) and directed by Shariff Korver (Temple, Do Not Hesitate).

Atomic is a dynamic and entertaining action-fuelled adventure. When Max (Allen) and Mohammed (Latif), two unlikely friends – and even less likely heroes – become swept up in a cartel’s plot to transport uranium across North Africa, they face a monumental decision: save themselves or risk everything to prevent a nuclear bomb getting into the wrong hands.

Gregory Burke, Writer, and Executive Producer said; “I am thrilled to bring the world of 'Atomic' to life with the brilliant director Shariff Korver and such a wonderful cast. It is a story about the terrifying prospect of a world where nuclear weapons are easier to acquire than ever before, and about the infinite possibilities that exist within the best of us and the worst of us.”

Max, a free-spirited drug trafficker, is making runs through the Middle East. Meanwhile Mohammed, a man haunted by his past and on the run from those determined to kill him, is hiding out in the deserts of North Africa, unable to return home to the UK. Desperate for redemption, their paths converge in the Libyan desert as they are swept up in a nefarious Venezuelan cartel’s plot to transport uranium capable of fueling a nuclear bomb.

With the fate of humanity in their backpacks, they grapple with a desperate choice: save themselves or save humanity? Pursued by Cassie Elliott (Samira Wiley) - a highly skilled CIA agent whose life mission is to prevent terrorists from acquiring a nuclear bomb - along with MI6 and a network of traffickers, Max and Mohammed find themselves in the absurd situation of, for once, having to be the good guys.

Atomic is an adrenaline-charged, cinematic five-episode odyssey through the labyrinthine medinas and bustling metropolises of North Africa, across inhospitable deserts and hostile borders, where Max and Mohammed - with their lively, funny and unexpected camaraderie - wonder whether some kind of atonement is possible amidst the madness.

Inspired by the non-fiction book ‘Atomic Bazaar’ by Vanity Fair journalist William Langewiesche, Atomic is produced by Pulse Films, a VICE Studios Group company, in association with Sky Studios. The series is written by Gregory Burke.

Atomic will be available on Sky and streaming service NOW in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


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