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Jersey And Guernsey | Preview (Channel 5)

Celebrating the stunningly beautiful islands of Jersey and Guernsey and delving into the lives of some of the islands' most colourful residents whose families have lived there for generations.

In Grouville, eighth generation Jersey farmer, Phil Le Maistre and his dad, are using a 100 year old hand plough to harvest the season’s first crop of Jersey Royal Potatoes, but it’s a race against the elements to get the regal spuds out of the ground and onto the boat to meet the tight supermarket deadline.

In Saint Peter Port, Guernsey, Andy Furniss and business partner Lucy, are prepping their mini-road train, Viktor, for the start of tourist season. The first Cruise ship of the year is about to dock, carrying hundreds of potential train passengers, but only if their thirty three year old locomotive is up to the task.

In St Ouen, Jersey cider producers Richard and Sarah Matlock are preparing for the start of the summer season. But after an unseasonably dry summer, last year's harvest has produced an unusually sweet cider, which they’re hoping still hits the right note with the locals.

In St Martins, Guernsey, Lord of the Manor Peter de Sausmarez shows us around the magnificent Sausmarez Manor, a property that has been in his family for the last 800 years. Peter heads to one of the many attractions on site, a traditional tearoom, to give their famous Guernsey afternoon tea his seal of approval.

In Jersey, local ceramicist Claire Haithwaite heads out to the stunning Grouvelle beach. With her bucket and spade and canine companion Betsy, she sets of on a 1.5 kilometre hike across the sand in low tide, in search of the precious Jersey clay which she uses to make her bespoke pottery pieces.

Jersey and Guernsey begins Thursday 15th June on Channel 5.


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