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Islands | Preview (Sky Nature)

Islands is a stunning new wildlife documentary series that takes viewers deep inside totally unique ecosystems; the wild, freewheeling laboratories of mother nature.

Over six episodes, audiences will travel from Canada’s Arctic Baffin Island to Vancouver Island; the tropical paradises of Borneo, Sri Lanka, and Australian K’Gari, and the wild delta of Botswana’s Okavango Islands.

Céire Clark, Senior Acquisitions Manager, International at Fremantle said: “Islands is a visually stunning wildlife documentary series that we are very proud of. The series boasts blue-chip specialist 4k HDR filming and is full of surprising stories about animals that audiences may not be so familiar with. The inimitable Wall to Wall have done a great job of expanding our view of the natural world and we can’t wait to bring Islands to a global audience.”

Dominic Weston, Executive Producer at Wall to Wall Media said:“In 'Islands: Nature’s Wild Laboratories', we wanted to make the island itself central to the story, rather than just another place to film wildlife, so the way we approached filming, editing, writing and composing is all geared to bring each island’s unique character across...

"Not only can viewers enjoy seeing how incredible animals adapt to survive, but the series is interspersed with stylised 3D hybrid graphics that vividly depict how each unique island was formed thousands of years ago. We’re thrilled that Fremantle share our vision of bringing Islands to a global audience.”

All episodes of Islands will be available on Sunday 23rd July.


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