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Hunting The Catfish Crime Gang | Preview (BBC Three)

James Blake - a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Lisburn - was living the Insta-dream until someone scraped his accounts. He started getting messages from people accusing him of conning them out of tens of thousands of pounds.

As he sets out to try and get his face and name back, James discovers a dark and utterly heartless modern-day crime wave where ruthless organised gangs are using the very latest technology to prey on our age-old desire for love, companionship and success, all to scam blameless victims out of money.

James’s attempt to find out more and get his online identity back takes him on an international journey, and he discovers that it’s not only those being conned who are the victims here - many of those carrying out the con are also suffering at the hands of the gangs behind this modern-day crime.

Hunting The Catfish Crime Gang airs Monday 23rd October on BBC Three.


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